Both in your professional and private life, you may find yourself in situations that are difficult. Situations for which you seem to have no solution strategy available. This is where our systemic solution approaches come into play.
Against the background of our multi-professional team, we are able to cover a wide range of topics:


Consulting in the professional field:

  •     Executive coaching, role clarification, individual and team supervision, preparation of employee interviews, conflict consulting, mobbing, mediation, time management, stress management, motivation, re-entry after maternity leave, re-entry after illness, outplacement consulting, age-appropriate work

Consulting in the private sector:

  •     Relationship problems, sexuality, separation and divorce counselling, mediation, child-rearing counselling, grief counselling, generation management, counselling for relatives in need of care, financial coaching

conflict consulting:

  •     Conflict coaching, mediation, mobbing advice

Crisis consulting:

  •     Individual consulting, CISM, trauma consulting, as additional product: Crisis PR

Health-related topics:

  •     Anxiety disorder, depression, addiction, burnout

All the above-mentioned areas are accompanied on a consulting level. Should it become apparent during the consulting process that consulting is not the method of choice, we have the possibility to refer to colleagues in related disciplines.


We work in single and multi-person settings.